Global Warming Shamanism <— P.J. O’Rourke

28 Dec

Global Warming Shaman — Fear Equals Funding

“Oh no, the Night Wolf is eating the Moon Virgin. Give me some silver and I’ll make him spit her out.”

The bullying of fellow citizens by means of dreads and frights has been going on since paleolithic times. Greenpeace fund-raisers on the subject of global warming are not much different than tribal wizards on the subject of lunar eclipses.

“Oh no, the Night Wolf is eating the Moon Virgin.
Give me some silver and I’ll make him spit her out.”

P.J.O’RourkeAll the Trouble in the World


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9 responses to “Global Warming Shamanism <— P.J. O’Rourke

  1. Barbra & Jack Donachy

    December 28, 2012 at 22:34

    Last time we saw P.J. O’Rourke he was on Real Time with Bill Maher – so drunk he was incoherent. You can Google it. So… you don’t believe humankind – with a population of 7 billion – is doing massive harm to the environment? Just asking.

    • kazvorpal

      January 1, 2013 at 18:22

      Ants, with a population of trillions, produces far more CO2 and methane than humans. Termites produce even more. Wetlands dwarf both in their production of greenhouse gasses. Humans, in fact, produce less than 3% of all CO2 or methane. Likewise, there are more trees than humans, and they produce more nitrous oxide.

      “There are lots of people, and I can see what they do, so they must be harmful” is silly, inductive reasoning.

      • Barbra & Jack Donachy

        January 1, 2013 at 19:01

        Oh brother…

        • kazvorpal

          March 8, 2014 at 02:45

          If only you had some support for your position, other than inductive reasoning and vagueries like “oh brother”.

          The facts are all on my side.

      • LesB

        November 10, 2014 at 15:52

        Well yeah, the humans, themselves, their bodies, “produces” less gas emission than the ants, who out-weigh us on the planet.

        But this so conveniently leaves out the humans’ gargantuan machines, running on fossil fuels.

        One can face up to the repressed pain of their deep past. That’s courage.
        Or one can shuck their pain off into reactionary politics. That’s cowardice.

        • kazvorpal

          September 19, 2016 at 14:17

          Wrong. The gas emissions of ants outpaces that of ALL HUMANITY, including their machines. Humans produce only a tiny percentage of all CO2, there are MANY other sources that, alone, produce far more.

  2. theitalianlad

    February 13, 2014 at 23:31

    Global warming is a socialists scam. But, they’re so stupid they believe it themselves!

    • LesB

      November 10, 2014 at 15:57

      Yes there really is a scam is there not? But where is the scam really?

      A characteristic of repressed people is to engage in psychological reflection. That is, they take a characteristic of their personal selves, and attribute it to others.

      You are the scam. Science supports the concept of global warming. The scam is in the reactionaries’ claim that science is the scam.

      You could go to psychotherapy to get at the root of the pain from your deep past and get over this reactionary dishonesty.

      • kazvorpal

        September 19, 2016 at 14:16

        No, the frauds claiming there is global warming fail to follow the scientific method. Their claims are scientifically invalid, about as trustworthy and accurate as tobacco scientists claiming smoking is good for you.

        For example, their models invariably, 100% of the time, fail the test of prediction. The rules of science say those models must then be discarded. But instead, they “tweak” them until they match historic analysis, which is the same as “the earth is the center of the universe” people tweaking their models to explain the motion of the planets. It is anti-science.


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