Freedom is Responsibility

14 Aug

Gadsden-flag-largeWhoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man’s lap. What is freedom? To have the will to be responsible for one’s self.

— Max Stirner
source unknown, please tell us if you know


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3 responses to “Freedom is Responsibility

  1. jonolan

    August 14, 2009 at 19:29

    I’m pretty sure this quote is from The Ego and his Own.

    • kazvorpal

      August 14, 2009 at 19:36

      I searched it, and even compensating for translation differences, couldn’t find any phrases similar to the quote. If you can find it, please let me know. Here’s the copy I used:

      Again, I could have missed it because Stirner has only been independently translated from German to English. This is the famous Benjamin Tucker translation…Tucker was the major individualist publisher in America at that time, and a source of equally worthy liberty quotes.

      One interesting translation note: The title of the book is more properly translated as “The Individual and His Private Property”, but Tucker apparently didn’t feel that would go over well in mid-19th century anarchism…

      • jonolan

        August 14, 2009 at 19:50

        Yes; it’s difficult due to the translation.

        I’m not positive it was from “The Individual and His Private Property,” I just thought it was – but then we get that a lot with pre-20th century quotations.


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